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Long-term care

Why LTC?


 Long-term Care is care that you need if you can no longer perform everyday tasks ADL's (activities of daily living; including bathing, eating, cooking, walking, dressing, house chores, personal hygiene and walking) by yourself due to a chronic illness, injury, disability or the aging process. LTC also includes the supervision you might need due to a severe cognitive impairment (such as Alzheimer's disease). 

 Unlike traditional health insurance, Long-term Care Insurance policies reimburse policyholders a daily amount (up to a pre-selected limit) for services to assist them with activities of daily living or ADL's. 


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The National Average Costs for long-term care in the United States (year ending 2016). 

  • $225 a day or $6,844 per month for a semi-private room in a nursing home.
  • $253 a day or $7,698 per month for a private room in a nursing home.
  • $119 a day or $3,628 per month for care in an assisted living facility (for a one-bedroom unit)
  • $20.50 an hour for a health aide
  • $20 an hour for homemaker services
  • $68 per day for services in an adult day health care center


"Having my LTC plan was my savior! I had limited savings and no family that could commit to my daily care. I'm now able to live out my life and not be a financial burden on my kids."

                                              - Clark J, California

"Purchasing my long-term care policy was a decision made by my kids. This was the best choice for my care. My quality of life if perfect!"

                                              -  Esther L, Arkansas


"Without her LTC Plan, taking care of my mom would have been literally impossible. We would certainly have needed to exhaust our savings and even tap into our retirements."

                                   - Eloise and Fred W, Texas